When finished my studies in college I moved to Glasgow to get a job. I had a good circle of friends and quite an active social life but I started to get a feeling from time to time that I should find out more about God.

I tried reading the Bible, but found it difficult to understand even although I went to church regularly when I was younger. When I moved to a flat in Thornwood I decided that I would start going to a church again and as Partick Free Church was one of the closest ones I went there. I found the people there friendly and I enjoyed hearing the minister explaining the Bible. I began to apply some of the things I was being taught to my life and over time I became convinced that the Bible was true, particularly that Jesus’ promise of new life and fulfilment could apply to me too. One day when I prayed to God in the kitchen of my flat and although I didn’t feel anything particular at the time I now see that that was a turning point for me because I started to believe in God and take him at his word.

Looking back I can see that actually God was at work in my life all along, even when I had turned away from him and even when it didn’t feel like he was there. I’ve had a few ups and downs since I first put my trust in him, but through it all it has been a great encouragement to know that God loves me, has forgiven me, has given me and has a plan for me.


I started to read the Holy Bible with a whole new outlook and in the process I was moved to repent of my sins and put my faith in Jesus as the Son of God who sacrificed himself for me, a sacrifice acceptable to God to atone for my sins. I attended church after that with a new understanding of what was preached and taught from the pulpit and once having found assurance, again in the course of reading the Word of God, Jesus’ words assured me that I could never be lost: ‘My sheep listen to my voice, I know them and they follow me. I give to them eternal life and they shall never perish…’ Having taken those words to heart I became a member of Partick Free Church where I currently worship


In my mid-twenties my wife was invited, by dedicated Christians, to come and hear a famous preacher. She did this much to my annoyance and then things began to change. After some time she started talking to me about my need to know Jesus in a living way, which kind of talk I didn’t like at all. Such a change came over her that I began to think, “I’ve lost her to Jesus,” but at the same time I knew she was even better than ever to me. So I started to sneak read her new Bible, from Matthew’s Gospel. In a way I never experienced before the words seemed to leap out at me and make me really think. When I read about the crucifixion of Jesus, that He died as the Saviour to bear away sin and give forgiveness of sin and peace with God, I believed. But what struck me powerfully is that I could not say, “That He died for me.” Suddenly I was left in a state of distress and felt the need to know He did die for me the sinner. After weeks of turmoil and torment within, I knelt down and asked Him to make me know my sins were forgiven and to give me peace, which He did. The burdened feeling lifted and I was made glad. I have, with my wife, followed Jesus Christ, by faith, for many years, through many difficulties too, but He has promised to keep me through life’s journey and bring me at last to be with Him.


29 Crow Road, Partick,

Glasgow, G11 7RT.