The Partick Free Church Congregation is one of over 100 congregations which belong to the Free Church of Scotland. We are a Reformed Presbyterian denomination which was formed in 1843. Many of the congregations of the Free Church of Scotland have their own websites and virtually all of them can be found in the Free Church Year Book.

Ministers in the Free Church of Scotland have generally undertaken bible teaching in Edinburgh Theological Seminary, which is situated on the mound in Edinburgh. ETS provides training for those preparing for Christian ministry and the degree qualification courses which can be studied at the Seminary are accredited by the University of Glasgow. There are a number of courses available on Saturday mornings for those wishing to develop their knowledge of Bible and Reformed Theology (without necessarily becoming ministers).

Our present minister, Rev Alex Cowie, was inducted to the congregation in May 2005. He and his wife Lena previously served in a Free Church congregation in the North of Scotland from 1981 to 1995. They then moved to Glasgow and were, as representatives of the Free Church, involved in cross cultural mission for ten years. As part of the Partick congregation’s outreach Alex takes an active part in work among Glasgow’s Jewish community and is part of a steering group which coordinates this work. The group aims to provide support & encouragement for Jewish followers of Jesus, to seek to combat anti-Semitism and to provide a non threatening environment for Jewish people and others to consider the claims of Jesus. Some members of the congregation assist at these quarterly Festival meetings. Further details about this work may be obtained by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bible teaching
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29 Crow Road, Partick,

Glasgow, G11 7RT.